Doing Your Best on Bad Days

bad days

bad daysAddiction recovery is filled with hope and possibility – but you’ll also experience your fair share of down days. We all do. But how do you cope without jeopardizing your hard-won sobriety? Here are a few tips to help you survive those bad bays so you come out shining and even stronger in your recovery.

  • Write it down. Journaling is a great exercise to help you process and put into perspective any negative feelings that are causing a down mood. In fact, studies show that expressing your feelings through words can decrease the power they have over you and your day ahead. Learning to let go of your emotions via written word can also help you to build resilience so you can better weather these down days in the future, too.
  • Talk to someone. Sharing is a big part of a successful recovery. You don’t have to deal with down days alone. Instead, reach out to a counselor or sponsor of trusted family member, friend or recovery peer. Talking through your feelings will help give you a more positive outlook and your supports will likely have some ideas of their own on how to push through. Bonus: You’ll likely laugh together, which will further boost your happiness by giving your body a rush of endorphins.
  • Turn on tunes. Music has a powerful effect on our mood and emotions. This is because music causes our brains to release feel-good chemicals. Another benefit of music is that it can help you focus on the present and reconnect with your body and breath.
  • Take a walk outside. A 20-minute stroll can do wonders when it comes to reducing stress, increasing your focus and helping you to snap out of a funk. The powerful trio of fresh air, sunshine and exercise is a surefire way to start feeling better fast.
  • Don’t be hard on yourself. It’s okay to have bad days – we all feel sad, negative or overwhelmed at times – but do your best to stay positive and focus on all the good ahead now that you’re in recovery.

Be Your Best at BRC
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