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Drug Relapse Help in Austin,Texas

Drug abuse is a problem that affects all levels of our society. It destroys lives (both of the user and of their loved ones), leads to criminality and leaves entire communities classed as “undesirable”. However, many believe that we need to treat drug abuse and addiction for what it is: a disease, not a crime. Fortunately a wide variety of  recovery resources are now available and it is clear there is an incredible demand for effective residential rehab programs, particularly in growing cities like Austin, Texas. If you suffer a relapse then it is paramount that you seek help from a Texas facility quickly.

drug relapse help in Austin, TexasDrug Statistics for Austin, Texas

Every major city in every state has problems with substance use, abuse and dependence. Austin is certainly no exception. Local statistics that are both reliable and relevant are hard to come by. We are fortunate to have addiction research specialists through the University of Texas at Austin. Each year an excellent report on substance abuse trends in Texas is published by Jane C. Maxwell, PhD, of the UT Center for Social Work Research. This annual abstract covers all the major categories of street drugs utilizing data sources from recognized authorities including the Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS), SAMSHA, and Texas Poison Center Network.

Drug Abuse and Relapse

It is important to have a particular focus on people who are classified as “chronic relapsers”. Very often, when someone seeks treatment and successfully starts on the road to recovery, they relapse. At this point, they are often even more reluctant to seek help, because they know how hard it was the first time and because they feel ashamed at having failed. However, it is now clear that drug addiction should be treated as any other illness, where relapse is equally possible.

“Relapse rates for drug addiction are similar to those of other well-characterized chronic illnesses. This image compares relapse rates for drug-addicted patients with those suffering from diabetes, hypertension, and asthma. Relapse is common and similar across these illnesses (as is adherence to medication).”

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This truly demonstrates how important it is to ensure people understand that hope and help is available to them. In Austin, Texas, BRC Recovery is able to offer this type of support in a way that has been demonstrated to work time and time again. We offer holistic rehabilitation, including alternative therapies, and our programs are gender-specific. We can facilitate interventions and detox programs for those who need them and we help to build sober support networks. All of these are tools and techniques have been used frequently in the past and have the highest rates of success. According to our alumni statistics, our program is particularly effective for chronic relapsers who have been unable to stay sober, but are willing to try rehab one more time .

BRC-221 Our program is heavily steeped in 12 Step recovery, but we also have a strong focus on spirituality, financial management, nutrition, fitness and other life skills necessary for people to not just get sober, but stay sober and live happy, healthy, productive lives. We truly understand the reality of addiction in Austin, Texas, the United States and all over the World. Our doors, hearts and helping hands are open to anyone who truly wants to travel the road to recovery.


Marsha Stone, CEO
BRC Recovery