Finding Stillness


The mind is a marvelous mechanism

“The mind is a marvelous mechanism,” to quote a friend Bill W. It can be a useful tool or a nagging liability, depending on the degree of inner stillness I am experiencing. Through the spiritual path outlined by the 12 Steps, I have learned that in order for me to be able to trust and use my mind effectively, there are certain actions that have to be taken and attitudes adopted.

Once I have cleaned house (meaning taken the necessary actions to be freed of the destructive power of resentment, fear, and made amends) I get the opportunity to work with a blank canvas. Through some basic practices of prayer and meditation, I can begin to discipline my mind, with guidance and direction of a Higher Power. Stillness, I have learned, is the voice of God. The mental chatter that occupies my thought life on any given day rarely serves a purpose other than to separate me from God and disconnect me from others. I often find myself completely consumed by the chatter in my mind (usually by the time I’m in the shower in the morning,) and then in a moment of clarity and awareness, I realize that my inner space has been disturbed. It happens on a daily basis and most of the time it motivates me to take some action. This is why a daily meditation practice is so vital my recovery and happiness.

By getting quiet in the morning, finding stillness by focusing on breathing, and by framing my thoughts on positive intention, my internal condition begins to become fertile ground for fresh inspiration, determination, and awareness. By taking these fruits into my day, I find that I am more clear on my purpose and live a richer life.

Matt_Finding StillnessMatt Battle
BRC Recovery