Industry Media Recognizes BRC Recovery

APArticleExtended-care programs and recovery residences are hot topics these days in the alcohol and drug rehabilitation industry. Everyone is talking about ROSC (recovery oriented systems of care) and the value of aftercare programs and quality sober living. These topics are not new to BRC Recovery, as pioneers of extended-care in Texas since 2006. Gary Enos, editor of Addiction Professional Magazine, in a recent interview with Marsha Stone, CEO, and Greg Fabry, Executive Director, highlights the multiple layers of support and accountability built into the BRC program.

“We appreciate special recognition by our industry media, particularly Addiction Professional. 2015 will be our 3rd year to participate in the Addiction Professional Panel Series. It has been a valuable opportunity for us to connect with other industry providers across the country and share best practices in an educational venue to a wide variety of professionals”, states Marsha Stone.

Other industry publications, including Treatment Magazine, have also taken an interest in the BRC Recovery’s unique program and legendary founder, Mark Houston. Editor Ted Jackson has written several special reports on Mark Houston Recovery and will feature Marsha Stone on the cover in the upcoming November issue.
Marsha Stone