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mental health and addiction

You Are Not Alone | Mental Health and Addiction

Mental health issues and addiction to drugs or alcohol are often intertwined. Treatment for mental health and addiction must address both to be truly effective. If you are one of the many people in this country experiencing mental illness or substance use disorders, know that you are not alone and...

symptoms of relapse

What are the Symptoms of Relapse? | National Recovery Month

In recovery, it is not unusual to be tempted by cravings or triggers that could potentially cause a relapse. Understanding the signs and symptoms of relapse can help you better prepare for these temptations so you can stay on track with your recovery. During National Recovery Month, it is important...

addiction and suicide risk

The Link Between Addiction and Suicide Risk

September has been designated as National Suicide Prevention Month. World Suicide Prevention Day is September 10. Although we focus on suicide prevention throughout the year, we take this opportunity in September to look at the link between addiction and suicide risk. It is particularly important to understand the causes behind...

does trauma cause addiction

Does Trauma Cause Addiction?

An individual who has experienced a traumatic event may face emotional and mental issues afterward. They may have difficulty expressing their fears or anxiety related to the event. Extended negative circumstances can also create a sense of trauma within an individual. People who have experienced trauma may turn to drugs...

detox from alcohol

How Do You Detox from Alcohol?

Are you ready to move on from your alcohol dependency? The decision to get clean is an important first step. Now you probably have a lot of questions. Alcohol use disorder has affected virtually all aspects of your life and addressing your need to get sober is a significant move....

coping with emotions in early sobriety

Your Guide to Coping with Emotions in Early Sobriety

When you have freed your system of toxic substances and are working on kicking your addiction to drugs or alcohol, you may think you are supposed to be happy. Instead, you probably have a wide range of emotions running through you that are a bit confusing and challenging. Your guide...

intensive healing workshops supercharge your recovery

How Intensive Healing Workshops Supercharge Your Recovery

When you are seeking help for your addiction to drugs or alcohol, you may be concerned about the time you’ll have to spend in the program and about the effectiveness of the treatment. Intensive healing workshops can supercharge your recovery, as they compile years of therapy into a much shorter...

trauma and addiction

Observing PTSD Awareness Month | Trauma and Addiction

Understanding the impact of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a critical step toward being able to resolve the causes and symptoms in a healthy way. When observing PTSD Awareness Month, which occurs this month, it is important to also understand the link between trauma and addiction. Trauma can lead to...

go to detox during COVID-19

Should I Go to Detox During COVID-19?

The coronavirus outbreak has shifted many aspects of everyday life. You have been told to stay home, maintain social distance from others, wash your hands frequently, and use caution in basically everything you do. When you have an addiction to drugs and alcohol and are ready to get the help...