Helping HandI have heard the terms malady, spiritual malady, internal condition, untreated alcoholism, but until recently I had never heard the word “maladacious“! Even as I type, my spellcheck doesn’t recognize it. My friend, in defense of her use of the word said to me- its in urban dictionary – look it up!

Restless, irritable, discontent- words and experiences and feelings common to most alcoholics and addicts. My belief and my experience show me that the illnesses of alcoholism and addiction manifest in mind, body and spirit. But how do we address these manifestations? And how can such a complicated and chronic condition be successfully managed?

I have been taught all along in my recovery that my spirit is treated through service to others, through showing others the path that was so freely shown and modeled to me. My experience shows me that service work is good medicine, and oftentimes the only real medicine, for my spirit. Yet, more often than I care to admit, I begrudgingly engage in the very life saving service I know works, and works well. My mind whispers deceptions that sound like ‘you’re too busy’ or ‘you’re too tired’ …

The very thing that heals my spirit, my mind attempts to prevent, and uses my body (busy/tired) as its weapon. An interesting notion isn’t it? A spiritual illness with warring physiological manifestations, and all of this simultaneously occurring with one sure result- a maladacious Marsha!

What’s the good news? What’s the happy ending? A perfectly-balanced three-sided triangle of unity, service and recovery keeps me safe and protected, placed in a position of neutrality, with a fully awakened spirit and a grateful heart. The biggest gift I have ever received is the willingness borne of desperation to engage, and continue to engage in the lifesaving process of recovery.

Maladacious- interesting concept, unpleasant reality. I think I’ll keep trudging.

MaladaciousMarsha Stone, CEO
BRC Recovery