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Motivation Mondays


Weekly Focal Point: Change

“Experience is not what happens to you, it is what you do with what happens to you.”

~Aldous Huxley

Courage to Change

*Page 216*

There was a time in my life when I furiously insisted that alcoholism did not exist in my family. We were normal; everything was fine! Today I know that alcoholism is a family disease that affects not only the drinkers but those around them as well. Denial is a symptom of this family disease. When I began to recognize the alcoholism in my family, my unfortunate past became the topic of all my conversations. Then an Al-Anon member shared about having learned to look back without staring. She pointed out how easy it can be to lose perspective, to feel trapped, to stop living in the present. Unlocking the secrets of the past can offer many gifts, but the purpose of this search is to recover from the effects of alcoholism and get on with our lives here and now. Today, with the love, support, and encouragement of Al-Anon members, I am able to face the reality of the past, not to place blame or wallow in self-pity but to learn from it.

3 C’s of Al-Anon

  1. We didn’t CAUSE it
  2. We can’t CONTROL it
  3. We can’t CURE it


Considerations for the Week

  1. Has my denial prevented me from having an experience in family recovery?
  2. Does the idea of being able to be present rather than living in the past appeal to me?
  3. What actions am I willing to take to move towards building a new life with my family?