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The Cycle of Addiction

Weekly Focal Point: The Cycle of Addiction

“Therefore, the main problem of the alcoholic centers in his mind, rather than in his body.”

~ Alcoholics Anonymous Pg. 23 ~

Our Disease Cycle

When we break down the cycle of addiction, we can see how the three parts of this disease lead into our sprees, consequences, and resolutions – only to be repeated. For example, when our spiritual malady crops up and we are no longer in the solution of the 12 Steps, we begin obsessing about things we have no control over, which leads to the mental obsession. Once in the mental obsession, we then tend to act out in old behavior which then sets off our physical allergy. The physical allergy then leads to a spree, revealing numerous character defects. Finally, we are faced with the consequences of our actions, leading us to our firm resolutions to not behave like that again. This creates the cycle of the diseases of alcoholism and addiction, and is repeated over and over again. But if we accept responsibility after making a firm resolution and take the necessary action behind it (working the 12 Steps, writing inventory, doing service work, carrying the message, or any other way we are actively participating in our program of recovery,) we can break this cycle by replacing drugs and alcohol in the equation with behaviors practiced in sobriety.

Questions for Our Consideration

  1. Have the bedevilments been ruling my life lately?
  2. Have I reassessed my thinking process? Am I aware of my thoughts and my actions following?
  3. Am I caught in cycle of daily living that is brewing with resentment, isolation, outbursts, etc?

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