Moving Out Day: Starting Fresh with a Life Of Sobriety

Recovery from addiction is a life-long process and our Segue Program provides the continuum of care needed for a smooth transition from rehab to permanent sobriety. The first 12 months of recovery is the most critical period, and our sober living community provides support and care to our residents.

It is a special day when we can watch one of our alumni rejoin society. Noelle is an amazing young woman who has made us proud with her dedication to recovery. She has recently finished her time at the sober living community, and has shared a few words on her experience with the Segue Program:

The BRC Recovery apartments provided an easy segue from treatment to the real world forme. I think that when we all get out of treatment, we are a little startled by the real world because we have never really had any experience living life sober. The BRC Recovery apartments helped me stay connected to BRC Recovery and form a foundation on which I could live a normal, sober life. I was surrounded by my community there, and we all did things together. We all worked through difficulties together, grew together, and learned together. It always reminds me that there is no “I” in recovery, there is only “WE”, and believe that with all my soul. We cannot be successful at this without each other. At first, of course, I wanted to go back to my family in Houston, but God had better plans for me. Instead, I got to grow in my recovery and stay with my community. That is a gift.

Noelle S.

We can’t wait to see what great things Noelle will accomplish with her bright future! We are so proud of her and all of our recovery residents and alumni.