Not Busy

alcohol recovery

Recently I read a blog article in the Huffington Post titled “Busy is a Sickness“. It described the self-created crisis of busy days and lives which most of us today are so familiar with. It went on to detail how this approach to life really is a soul sickness rampant in our society. Interesting concept and the timing is ironic, here’s why.

Ten days ago I had a surgery and because of that I have been home recovering… Ten.Whole.Days. Ten days of aches and pains, bed rest, daytime television, takeout dinners, Facebook and Instagram. Mercifully, the staff at BRC has called and emailed me with issues and questions from time to time. I have never been so grateful for an issue du jour. I think they just felt sorry for me and asked for input out of sheer pity, saints that they all are.

I said to my husband as he left for work this morning, “You sure do seem busier than normal these past few days.” To which he laughed and replied, “That’s just your perception, my schedule hasn’t changed.” Really?

I remember while I was growing up, walking into my house as I got off the school bus. My mom would be sitting there waiting for me, and more often than not she had popped popcorn (the real kind, not microwave) and poured us a Coke to share. We would sit there and have a snack and chat a little before I started my homework. Over this past week, I’ve found myself wondering what in the world did she do all day before I got home? I have come to the conclusion that in days gone by, people, like my mom, didn’t have to fill up every second of every day with scheduled activities just to reach the “ok” mark.

I have often heard in recovery that we have a God-sized hole in our souls that we filled with alcohol and drugs, and that in recovery we will find a “sufficient substitute”. This is absolutely my experience. But, with this latest experience of being still and being quiet, I find myself challenged. The challenge is to be ok with stillness, to be ok with life, to be ok with just this very moment, even as I sit here in my flannel pjs blogging about my latest experience with God and recovery.

I am most grateful for awareness, for the gently nudging from my Higher Power, and for the opportunity to continue to grow and evolve during this journey of life and recovery.

Be still and know. What a concept.

BRC Blog: Not Busy