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Why Nashville


Get sober in an energetic city filled with music, sports, and close proximity to nature. NRhythm is a sober living community with easy access to all Nashville has to offer. We’re here to help you on your road to recovery. We specialize in getting men the guidance and support they need in order to live out their best life.

Nashville, TN is the perfect city to start your recovery journey. There are over a dozen local treatment centers. Many of which are leaders in the addiction treatment industry.

There’s no lack of ongoing support after treatment either. In fact, over 500 sobriety meetings happen every week in and around the city.

NRhythm is a sober living community in Nashville, TN. We are committed to getting you connected to a life that you will love – a life that you can be proud of. Our program is designed specifically for men who want to get sober and stay sober.


Living Sober in Nashville

Nashville is a bustling city with no shortage of activities to engage in while rediscovering yourself in sobriety.  Here are 5 Ways to Reinvent Yourself in Recovery to get you started.

Once you’ve made the decision to live a sober lifestyle it is necessary to redefine the way you interact with life and those around you. The time is ripe to take up new hobbies or engage in new activities.

The possibilities are endless.


Music in Nashville

Music City is home to arguably the most vibrant music scene in the United States – and not just Country music. The historic Ryman Auditorium is a great venue to see a live show. There are also many small to midsize venues to enjoy world-class music.

Learning a musical instrument is another great way to foster patience, discipline, and fulfillment while in recovery. Regardless of which instrument interests you, Nashville is full of seasoned musicians that are always looking for new students.


Personal Development in Nashville

If you would like to attend classes to learn a new skill (or sharpen an old one), there are many wonderful options at Vanderbilt University. There are a number of other colleges and universities in the city as well.

It’s also easy to get involved in business at the Entrepreneur Center. NRhythm has the resources in place to get you what you need. We want to help kickstart your life in recovery.


Staying Healthy in Nashville

One of the best ways to jumpstart a life in recovery is by focusing on your health. Nashville is home to many farm-to-table restaurants, fresh markets, and farmer’s markets – making eating healthy it much easier.

Nashville is also in close proximity to nature. Getting away to go a nature walk is a cinch. It is crucial when beginning your recovery journey that you replace old habits with new ones. Here’s a list of 5 Outdoor Activities Close to Nashville. Begin by taking ownership of your body and mind.


This is just a glimpse of what Nashville has to offer those seeking to live a sober and fulfilling life. NRhythm is here to help you on your recovery journey. Together, let’s get your life back!