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Alumni Program

One of the unique characteristics of BRC Recovery is its close connection with residents, families and friends. Special bonds and close relationships don’t end when a resident completes the program. Weekly meetings, monthly speaker events, annual celebrations, special workshops and community service projects provide ongoing opportunities for continuous connection and recovery renewal. Mike Kerr, Alumni Coordinator, is in a role to offer his support to all Alumni offering weekly, monthly and yearly check-ins with each and every alumni that comes through the doors. We encourage our Alumni to “Be the Change” they want to see in their community.  What makes the BRC Recovery Alumni Program so special is that it carries the motto “once and alumni, always an alumni.” Once you are here, you are considered family.

BRC Recovery has a strong alumni program with over 1000 residents since 2006. Alumni and their families are always welcome at BRC Recovery events and can find an updated list of events at the link below.

Upcoming Events

BRC Recovery-Austin-women-alumni-around-firepit

Weekly Alumni Meetings

Men’s Alumni
Mark Houston Hall
6:30 pm fellowship
7:00 pm meeting

Women’s Alumni
BRC Women’s House
6:30 pm fellowship
7:00 pm meeting


Connecting through Social Media

BRC Recovery welcomes the involvement of all alumni, family, and friends.

Stay connected with other BRC alumni and let us know about your recovery milestones– sober birthdays, personal achievements, career highlights, etc. – by posting your comments or uploading photos.

BRCAlumni3We welcome all Mark Houston and BRC Recovery Alumni to join the Facebook Alumni Group.

Stay connected with the latest events and industry trends on our blog. Do you want to share your personal addiction story? Connect with our Alumni Coordinator, Mike Kerr, for guest blogging opportunities.


For information on alumni programs contact:
Mike Kerr, Alumni Coordinator
BRC Recovery & Spearhead Lodge
Direct: (802) 999-6422
Admissions: (866) 905-4550


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