Fitness & Yoga

Physical Fitness: An important aspect of holistic rehab

Our definition of physical fitness is the body’s ability to function with sufficient energy to engage in everyday activities, handle physical, mental, and emotional stresses, and participate in your recreation of choice. Some of the signs of fitness are cardio-respiratory health, alertness, muscular strength, and endurance.

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Successful recovery requires a healthy body as well as healthy mind. Both are essential in long-term sobriety and can be attained through a holistic rehab program.

At BRC Recovery, we make recovery fitness a priority and offer an up-to-date fitness center where our residents, according to their ability, can learn to use the fitness equipment or resume previous levels of training. We also help our residents to understand physical anatomy and how we maintain muscular strength and resiliency through exercise, nutrition and rest.

Supervised workouts in our on-site gym


All workouts are supervised by certified personal trainer, Dean Mosmeyer. Dean works with each of our residents to set individual goals for their workouts and physical lifestyle.
For some of our residents, moderate activity will be adequate to reduce and alleviate ordinary daily stress. However, for those who desire to improve their fitness level, a more intensive exercise program can be developed.

Dean Mosmeyer has been a trainer for 10 years.  He received a Master of Science in Kinesiology from the University of North Texas in 2006. He has worked with people in recovery since 2007 and he believes that hard work in the gym can have a transformative effect on people both physically and mentally.  He specializes in helping severely de-conditioned men and women become healthier and stronger in order to build a foundation for the rest of their lives.

Yoga for body, mind and spirit

The ancient practice of yoga has been practiced for health and wellness for hundreds of years.
It is believed that yoga benefits and encourages recovery in numerous ways:
• Builds physical strength and stabilizes the body
• Promotes mental clarity and focus
• Reveals the spiritual connection between body and mind

BRC Recovery offers yoga classes for both male and female residents by certified and registered Yoga teachers, Tedd Li and Erin Frank. Tedd and Erin understand and honor the recovery process and how yoga can help restore health and create balance, harmony and ease. Their gentle instruction encourages and inspires residents to encounter their own unique joy and fulfillment in yoga practice as well as grow in the wisdom of practice as service to one’s self and the world.

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Tedd Li became a certified yoga instructor after seeing years of drug abuse and chronic pain disappear after just two months of daily yoga. He also experienced yoga’s mental and emotional benefits of improved focus, concentration, and calmness. His solemn promise to help people become the driving force to put intentions into action.

Erin Frank has been practicing yoga for 8 years to achieve and sustain physical, mental and emotional clarity.  Yoga is her medicine for optimal health.  Its has helped her heal from a severe hip injury, allergies and hypo-thyroidism, and continues to be her most powerful tool in recovery from eating disorder and anxiety.



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