Segue Aftercare Monitoring Program

BRC Recovery has been providing extended care since 2006, long before the current terms, “continuum of care” and “recovery oriented systems of care” were industry buzz words. The original founder of the BRC Recovery program, Mark Houston, recognized the importance of a structured relapse prevention program and pioneered the monitoring concept when he developed a separate program for residents after they completed their residential stay.


Segue Program Staff

Recovery from alcohol and drug addiction is a life-long process. Studies have shown that the first twelve months from the time a person completes a recovery or addiction treatment program, they are the most vulnerable to relapse triggers and returning to addictive behaviors.

Segue by BRC Recovery is a twelve-month aftercare monitoring program, staffed by in-house Certified Recovery Coaches (CRC), that facilitates a smooth transition from rehab to permanent sobriety through a structured process of support, accountability, guidance and education. It is relapse prevention” insurance” and is only available if the resident successfully completes the BRC Recovery 90-day residential program.

Residents work one-on-one with their personal CRC through a four stage process. Additionally, their CRC will work directly with the resident’s significant contacts- family, therapists, legal interests, etc. This unique comprehensive approach provides a type of radar to detect any relapse behaviors and address them quickly in real-time, allowing for any intervention and correction necessary.

Texas alcohol rehabSegue I: “Introduction” – During Discharge Planning from BRC

Segue II: “Transition” – Months 1 through 3


Segue III – “Stabilization” – Months 4 through 6

Segue IV – “Acclimation” – Months 7 through 12

Even though many alcohol rehab and drug treatment programs offer some type of addiction aftercare, attending weekly meetings is not enough.  The Segue program offers on-going support and guidance for 12 months after the 90 day residential stay is complete.

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Segue Staff

Mike Kerr Director of Segue
Doug Hauck Peer Recovery Support Specialist
Gerard Berens Peer Recovery Support Specialist
Kelsi Kinney Peer Recovery Support Specialist
Chris Spencer Peer Recovery Support Specialist
Justin Yoken Peer Recovery Support Specialist
Jason Nix Peer Recovery Support Specialist
Kim Gilligan Peer Recovery Support Specialist


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