Therapeutic Workshops

The BRC Recovery 90-day rehabilitation program is a holistic recovery program, helping men and women to recover from the seemingly hopeless disease of alcoholism and drug addiction. Over the course of the 90-day residential program, residents have the opportunity to participate in many different kinds of activities, groups, and workshops, designed to facilitate healing for the mind, body and spirit.

BRC Recovery-therapeutic-workshops

Experiential Trauma Workshop

Facilitated by Mandy Baker and Paige Morrison

The relationship between trauma and addiction is well documented.  At BRC we understand this unique interaction and work with our clients to simultaneously begin the healing process from both addiction and from trauma.  Trauma and our responses to it create a cadre of maladaptive behavioral patterns, ineffective coping skills, and sabotaging relational blocks.  Unresolved trauma blocks us from connection to ourselves, to our Higher Power, and to others.  This has the potential to make recovery from addiction increasingly difficult for trauma survivors.  For this reason, BRC has developed a unique experiential trauma workshop that each client participates in during their stay at any of our programs.

The BRC Experiential Trauma Workshop pushes clients to look below the surface at their life history and how it is informing their present.  Covering topics such as developmental trauma, relational trauma, abuse, and neglect, clients are led through the process of identifying the causes and conditions of their current relationship patterns.  They identify the trauma and the coping skills attached to it that no longer meet their needs and are holding them back in their recovery and in their lives.  Clients examine the many expressions of codependency, identify patterns (both healthy and limiting) they inherited from their family of origin, and practice strategies to overcome their old behaviors, thoughts, and value systems that do not fit with their current goals.  Clients then take this information into their individual therapy session and into their community for continued work.


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