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What to Expect in Drug Rehab?

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According to the National Institute for Drug Abuse, some 23 million people looked for help dealing with their drug or alcohol problem in 2006. 23 million is a large number, and it shows that drug and alcohol addictions are a major problem. In fact, nearly all families, regardless of socioeconomic status, will eventually be touched by addiction.

If you or perhaps someone you know needs treatment, you want to be sure they will receive the best treatment there is. The following four questions will help you sort through the various Texas drug rehabilitation centers and find the right one for you.

What Is The Cost?

The price of drug rehab varies. The facilities available, the location, and the available programs all affect the price a given drug rehabilitation center will charge.

The most expensive are luxury rehab facilities. They deliver extremely high quality care in facilities that resemble luxury resorts. Since these centers’ clientèle often contain prominent individuals, privacy is a major emphasis. A luxury rehab center normally offers services besides rehab — the staff often also has nannies, personal trainers, massage therapists, and nutritionists available. These centers typically charge upwards of $20,000 per month.

Standard drug rehab programs are more suitable for most people. These centers focus on drug rehabilitation in a comfortable environment. While they don’t have the extreme luxury of the high-end facilities, they still usually have an on-site gym or pool. The treatment available in these facilities is usually of the same quality of the treatment available at a luxury facility — the main difference is in the “extras.” Therefore, they can be an excellent option if they fit your budget. Standard rehab centers tend to charge upwards of $10,000 per month.

Lastly, there are more options available for people have no or low income. The first step is usually the local health department or social services. Often, they can recommend a low-cost or free rehab program. These programs tend to be run by non-profits, church groups, or charities. They are inexpensive, but those involved tend to be highly motivated to help patients, which means treatment is often significantly better quality than the price would suggest.

What Programs Are Available?

The better rehab centers will offer their clients a range of therapies. A basic principle of drug rehab is that no one solution will work for everyone. Effective treatment works on all the client’s needs. It will not focus just on the addiction alone. Good treatment will also assess the client’s progress and modify the treatment accordingly.

The first step of most rehab medical staff, it is determined what level of detoxification is required. Most facilities are able to do on-site sub-acute detoxification but must refer the client out for full medical detoxification. These are good questions to ask in advance when researching rehabs. If a client is referred out for medical detox, they are sent back to the referring rehab to start the program when they are stabilized physically, usually in five to seven days.

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Is The Program Near You?

Rehab center location is important. Texas drug rehabilitation centers are located all over the Lone Star State, so you can choose a center near home. And you should! For most people a major part of treatment success is the support of their friends and family. The closer the center is to home, the easier this will be.

What Care Is Available Once You leave?

Rehabilitation is not done when you leave the facility. A robust aftercare program is critically important to assuring long-lasting change and healing from drug addiction. Therefore, ask what kind of extended care is available after the residential program is completed.

Hopefully this helps you to decide whether a drug rehab center Texas is a viable option.