Season For Loving

For those of us in Recovery, there is no one season for loving. Our days are filled by it. Yet we are approaching that sacred time of year when we take a special moment to treasure those we love and to celebrate their presence in our lives. Many of those people are far from us today, and we keep them in our hearts and in our prayers as that special day approaches. But there is an abundance of love and fellowship amongst us right here and right now, and we gather together this season to remember what it is to really know love. For most of us, we value it as one of the most precious gifts this Program has given us – the ability to love others and to be loved.

So on February 14th, the men and women of BRC Recovery will come together for a Valentine’s Day Fellowship party, to be hosted at the men’s apartments on Thursday from 6:00 to 7:00PM. Guests will enjoy pizza, dessert, drinks and, most importantly, never-ending love and laughter. If you are an Alumni of BRC Recovery, we invite you to attend. Tribute those with whom you have shared in this journey, and remind them just how much you cherish them!

About The Author:

Mary Huber is a grateful alumnus of BRC Recovery. She currently lives at the BRC Recovery women’s apartments and works full-time as a Customer Service Representative. Mary plans to continue her undergraduate studies in political science and journalism this fall.