Individualized Sober Coaching

The Segue Program provides a comprehensive, 12-month sober coaching program. For shorter-term engagements or unique situations, Segue can offer individualized sober coaching services. Our Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialists can provide an individualized assessment and make recommendations for sober coaching.

Areas of focus:


Why Is Sober Coaching Necessary?

Sober coaching is a personalized approach that can help anyone struggling with addiction stay on the right track. Sober coaches often play a significant role in the earliest stages of recovery, after a person has left treatment.

People in early recovery are especially vulnerable to relapse because they have far more experience with using than staying sober. A sober coach can be there for you during challenging times and to help you navigate through stressful situations where you may have turned to drugs or alcohol in the past.

Often, recovering addicts struggle with small daily challenges. They may discover their daily life has become a moment-by-moment battle to not use their drug of choice. Sober coaches have experience in helping recovering addicts find effective solutions to everyday problems that might lead to drug or alcohol use.


Where to Seek Sober Coaching

If you or someone you care about has struggled with addiction and needs a supportive hand, count on Segue Recovery. We have mentored more than 1,000 clients with comprehensive addiction aftercare since 2012. Call our admissions team at 1-833-485-0789 for more information.