The Segue Program™

Segue Recovery Support is a holistic approach to aftercare. Each client in the program works with a designated Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialist who helps the client and their family navigate their initial 12 months of sobriety through a structured process of support, accountability, guidance and education.

The first year of sobriety can often be a very challenging time. Segue Peer Recovery Support Specialists are trained to understand relapse behaviors long before physical substance use takes place. Through family engagement and recovery coaching, Segue specialists can help identify the risk of a relapse and intervene before one occurs. Segue also provides a vital role in helping family members rebuild trust with their loved one.

The Segue Flyer

There are five key tenets of Segue Recovery Support:


Case Management

Recovery Coaching


Family Engagement


Phases of Segue Recovery Support

Segue I: Introduction

The Peer Recovery Support Specialist:


Segue II: Transition – Months 1-3

In this phase, the Peer Recovery Support Specialist:


Segue III: Stabilization – Months 4-6

The Peer Recovery Support Specialist works to:


Segue IV: Acclimation – Months 7-12

In the final phase, the Peer Recovery Support Specialist:


Navigate Sobriety With Confidence

Segue Recovery offers a range of recovery support services. Whether it is providing sober transportation, performing a relapse intervention or serving as an advocate for your recovery, our credentialed and experienced staff members can connect you with the ancillary services that are so vital in the early stages of recovery.

For more information about our Aftercare Monitoring and Case Management Program, please contact a BRC Recovery Family of Programs Admissions Specialist at 1-833-485-0789.