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Sober Transportation

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Segue Sober Transportation ServicesThere are many occasions in which people in early recovery need sober transportation services to help them safely travel to significant commitments. Although it is wise to avoid travel and finish treatment, there are situations where a person who is not stable enough for independent travel needs a companion and monitor on a trip. Segue sober transportation services can ensure safety and help our clients maintain abstinence in these often-difficult situations.

What Is Sober Transportation?

A sober transportation driver does more than just providing rides to and from treatment or 12-Step meetings. Sober transportation provides safe companionship during travel times and at special events where they might be vulnerable to exposure to addictive substances, giving clients an extra buffer of responsibility and safety.

Not only do we get our clients to and from their destination, but we also help them avoid dangerous situations such as carrying medications, enduring lengthy trips alone and managing travel-related delays or itinerary changes. Having access to a support person during these risky times can make a world of difference in your loved one’s recovery.

Our Certified Peer Recovery Support Specialists can help securely get your loved one from point A to point B. We have provided safe transportation to court dates, detox/treatment, funerals,  business meetings and other engagements where your loved one’s presence is required.

The benefits of sober transportation include enhanced safety, a reduced risk of relapse and a companion during stressful travel situations. Segue can provide reliable and trustworthy sober transportation in every situation. Call our admissions team today at 888.559.2036 to learn about sober transportation services by Segue.