Nashville Recovery

When you are looking for a caring, compassionate place to help you get over a substance dependency, location is essential.

Spearhead Lodge is a male-only drug and alcohol rehab center that works to set young adults on a lifetime path to sobriety. We help create an environment where you can fully recover from your addiction and open the door to a healthy, drug-free lifestyle.

Extended Care in the Heart of Nashville

Recovering from substance abuse isn’t just about treating the root cause of your addiction, but also about doing so in a safe space where you can rediscover yourself.

Here are just a few of the reasons to choose Spearhead Lodge in Nashville, Tennessee, as your new center for healing and recovery from an addiction:

A diverse community – Nashville is a vibrant and thriving city with a rich culture and a dynamic mix of traditions. There’s no shortage of art, architecture, farmers’ markets, museums and culinary delights to explore.

Dual diagnosis treatment – For those who are experiencing anxiety, depression, or other mental illnesses along with addiction, Spearhead Lodge provides simultaneous treatment for both concerns. Our proven clinical approach, sophisticated offerings, and evidence-based therapies make a massive difference in one’s life, creating a renewed sense of peace, self-worth, and acceptance.

Outdoor recreation – Clients have a variety of recreation opportunities, facilities and special events for individuals and families, including a disc golf course, volleyball courts and much more.

Live music every night – If you love live music, Nashville is the city for you. As the live music capital of the world, Nashville has a wide variety of music venues for every genre, but of course especially country, new and undescovered artists performing every night.

Delicious dining – Nashville is known as a haven for foodies. The restaurant scene here is second to none, with everything from barbecue to Asian fusion and even vegetarian and vegan cuisine.

Supportive recovery community – Nashville has many well-established resources for those on the pathway to long-term recovery, from 12-Step meetings to local events.

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Find Your Recovery Home at Spearhead Lodge

Spearhead Lodge provides a world-class treatment facility for young adult males who are struggling with substance abuse issues. Through therapy and counseling, we provide the foundational life skills our clients need to live a happy, healthy and sober life. We make it possible for men to live free from the burden of addiction.