Extended Care

Highlights of our extended care program include:

Young Adult-Specific Programming
Young adults have different recovery needs. At Spearhead Lodge, we understand the challenges facing young adults as they enter recovery, and we have structured our curriculum to address the needs of this vital segment of the population.

Gender-Specific Program
We understand gender-specific programming is essential to the early recovery process. Our gender-separate program makes sure that clients have a safe, supportive environment where young men can focus on their recovery without distractions.

High Staff-to-Client Ratio
We limit the number of clients in our program so each individual will have a high-quality, deeply beneficial experience. By having a large professional staff, we create a healthy atmosphere of accountability, which has proven to be effective. The fact that our staff brings real-world experience to the process of recovery is a plus factor for enhanced rapport and understanding of our clients.

Entertaining and Revitalizing Outings
Clients appreciate Spearhead Lodge’s homelike location north of Austin, Texas. We take advantage of our peaceful parks, local amenities, and proximity to the city for planning different types of outings for our clients, from nature-centered to cultural events.

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Affiliation with Medical Professionals
Our center has established relationships with medical doctors, dentists and psychiatrists, all of whom are available if a client requires their services.

A Meaningful Life Curriculum
We make sure to fill each client’s stay with enlightening and down-to-earth learning that truly changes lives. Engaging dialogue and lively discussion are our preferred method of instruction. There are no lectures to endure. We use a tested, personalized approach to teach life skills necessary for an adult to function effectively in today’s society. If you are ready to discover the benefits of our individualized approach to care, whether for yourself or someone you care about, call us at 866-905-4550.