Fun in Recovery

Making Recovery Fun
One of the most important aspects for young adults entering recovery is making the recovery lifestyle attractive. Young men in particular have a dreadful outlook on life after finding out that they must abstain from all mind-altering substances. We try to hook them with a vision of hope that an enjoyable and fulfilling lifestyle in recovery is possible.

Austin, Texas: A Vibrant Community
There are few places in the world with a more vibrant community of young people in recovery than Austin, Texas. From the Center for Students in Recovery at the University of Texas to the countless number of young-person specific 12-Step meetings, our clients have the opportunity to get plugged in to people their age that are staying sober and enjoying life.

Regular Outings
We believe that learning how to have healthy, sober fun is an important part of treatment for young adults. We take our residents on monthly outings to help facilitate these experiences. Whether we are going to the movies, bowling, or simply spending the day at the park, the residents at Spearhead Lodge get to participate in regular activities to help them enjoy life in sobriety.

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Feeling Seen, Heard, and Understood
Spearhead Lodge is different from other extended care facilities. Our staff work with each individual on a one-on-one basis, allowing them to truly flourish in their newfound sobriety. Whether young men want to discuss their past or prepare for their future, we’ll be with them every step of the way.

An Engaging, Life-Changing Stay
We make sure to fill each client’s stay with enlightening and down-to-earth learning that truly changes lives. Dialogue and lively discussion are our preferred method of instruction. There are no lectures to endure.

Take the First Step
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