Relapse Prevention

In addition, we offer a blend of 12-Step facilitation and cognitive behavioral therapy to improve client outcomes. If relapse is part of a client’s recovery, we can help them learn ways to navigate differently and avoid setbacks for a lifetime of sobriety. Compared to other centers, our relapse prevention techniques focus less on ways to identify “triggers” or “warning signs” of relapse, as these can often be difficult for individuals to recognize in themselves.

Measurable Results

As an alternative, we focus on measurable metrics for participating in recovery. This method allows us to start from a strengths-based perspective, rather than an exclusive focus on what someone may be doing wrong. We find this approach to be much more effective with young adults. Instead of saying what not to do or things to be afraid of, we focus on what to do and what accomplishments our clients can be proud of. With our methods, patients can break out of a negative mindset and begin experiencing the benefits of positive self-esteem.

Lifelong Recovery

At Spearhead Lodge, our specialty is recovery that lasts a lifetime. Every component of our evidence-based programming centers around laying a solid foundation on which to build the rest of one’s life. Over the course of their stay with us, young men work with our team of professionals to uncover the core issues driving their addictions. They are then equipped with the life skills, spiritual practices, and mental health care that will enable them to live full, vibrant lives without drugs or alcohol. Through our dedicated long-term treatment, we provide patients with recovery that will last.

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