Step 2 – Michael Kerr

Mike Kerr, Recovery Coach

Segue Program

BRC Recovery

Hello, everyone, my name is Mike Kerr.  I’m a recovery coach at the Segue program at BRC Recovery.  A little over three years ago, I walked into the doors of BRC Recovery, and I was in a place where I was willing to hear an answer.  I didn’t know what that answer was.  I didn’t know what the answer looked like, but I needed an answer. What happened while I was there was incredible, considering that I walked in very humbled, humiliated and willing to hear something different, do something different, wanted to think differently, wanted everything about my life to change.

I was confronted with an idea, an idea and concept that I had heard over the years.  I was raised to believe in God and was raised to seek God.  I just didn’t know how to do that, and at BRC Recovery I really got approached with the idea that I could have a relationship with this Power, that I could decide within myself what that Power looked like.

Over the years, a certain idea of what that power looked like was imposed upon me, and I never really was able to grasp or fully understand it, and while I was there, I really dived into that piece, and that Second Step is still ever-forming today.  That perception always changes, and it changes based on my experience with my struggles, and what this Power does for me by turning to it after I experienced with struggles, and what this Power can do for me in the good times as well.  And over the years, this concept of what God means to me has turned into the role of a teacher for the most part.

I like to think about it in the sense of if I want to learn what this teacher wants me to do, and how this teacher wants me to live my life, I have to first be willing to listen.  I have to be willing to take notes.  I have to be willing to go to class, walk in the doors and take the test and do it all over again the next day.

And this Power’s always there for me.  It’s always there for me to tap into, but at some points in time, I’m not always willing to listen.  It’s that listening piece that is so incredibly important, and while at BRC Recovery, that’s what I got in touch with is the listening.  I’ve always been the talker.  I’ve always been the guy who has all the answers, and being very connected to that first step, I realized I didn’t have the answers this time, and I was willing to take direction.

And over the years, over the past plus three years, I’ve gotten to a place in my recovery where the listening is very important, and not only listening but putting those intuitive thoughts that I get into action and continuously doing it on a consistent basis.  I found that if I want to be good at this thing, if I want to be good at practicing the principles that I’ve learned over the years, and the principles that are specifically centered around that Second Step, for me I have to be willing to practice them on a day to day basis, and in doing so, my life has become absolutely incredible.