Tears of God and Joy


Power you need!

“Y’all I wanna tell you that God lives inside each and everyone of us! You have His power within you. And, you are responsible for your own happiness! You and you alone have the Power you need!” –Beyonce 🐝💙

I am a Beyonce fan. Like, a big Beyonce fan. As in, knowing I would be out of town the dates she was touring in Texas I flew to Atlanta to make sure I didn’t miss her Formation tour! Not going was not an option.

I have always liked her music, admired her “girl power”, her rise to super stardom from relatively humble roots in Texas, her honesty about her real life struggles. I knew all this before I made the decision to go see her live. But somehow I felt there was more to this story and I wanted to go see first hand what that was…

So last night I, along with three friends, went to the Georgia Dome, battled the crowds and took our seats right on the floor, wristbands and all. Queen B was twenty feet max in front of me. The music started, the crowd roared. She sang, she danced, her dancers danced, it was simply amazing. Mind blowing!

But then she stopped singing and started talking. She talked about gratitude, she talked about love, she talked about God, peace and happiness coming from within. And as she talked my spirit connected  and engaged and the tears began to fall down my face. I didn’t even wipe them away. I just basked in the honor and glory of recovery!

Eight years ago at this time I was in the very worst of the throes of my addiction. And last night I stood in front of one of the greatest performers of our time, completely sober, safe and protected, and the God within me connected with the God within her. I just stood in awe of the Power of a Living God that snatched me from the jaws of death, revolutionized my life and transplanted everything about me, from the inside out.

I mean c’mon- the show was amazing. But the connection, the connection is what I will never forget. Just like in life, the action is great, but the connections are what we live for. And I’ll be back for more…TYG

Tears of God and Joy_Marsha StoneMarsha Stone, CEO
BRC Recovery