The BRC Recovery Culture: We are Family


12 step recovery from the BRC Recovery family

After Leaving A Saturday Night speaker Meeting

Recently, after leaving a Saturday night speaker meeting, I became ill, eventually underwent surgery and was given the dreaded order of bed-rest. Before I could even begin to worry about how “everything” would get done, the texts, emails and phone calls came pouring in from my coworkers. “Take care of yourself, we will take care of things at work, ” “Don’t worry Marsha—we got this, focus on your health. We need you back strong.” … More messages and eventually more flowers and cards and food than I could count. I am so blessed…

 The Cycle of Giving Continues

One particularly touching text from one of the staff lending a helping hand to me and my family read:

“I know you are my boss, but since getting sober, I discovered I never knew what friendship meant. I realized that you were the best “friend” I’d ever had. Thank U for allowing me to return the favor in some small way.”

I have witnessed some of our staff go through incredible personal challenges, and have repeatedly seen them showing up for each other all along the way- from helping one other move homes, to being there for each other during family challenges, to simply lending an ear to listen or a shoulder to lean on during a tough time. It fills me with incredible joy and hope to watch recovery unfold right before my very eyes.

We Are More Than Individuals and Coworkers Continuum of care for drug and alcohol addiction issues

Recovery reminds us that “Patience, love and tolerance” is our code. I believe I have witnessed and experienced firsthand the type of patient, loving and tolerant behavior that I could have only imagined before embarking on this way of life. The fact that I am surrounded by it each and every day, and that these remarkable men and women that we label “staff” could just as readily be called angels, miracle workers, servant leaders… is nothing short of enlightening.


At BRC, we are way more than a group of people clocking in and clocking out of a job, we are a group of like minded individuals, joined together on a common mission, hearts and minds, with one voice and one message: and yes, we are family.


WeAreFamilyMarsha Stone, CEO
BRC Recovery