Food & Nutrition

At BRC Recovery, we believe that nutrition plays an integral role in recovery. Using sustainable and fresh ingredients, our menus are crafted to replenish the body of vital nutrients that are lost during substance abuse. We use a from-scratch approach with our meals and utilize local and seasonal product when available. A goal with our food & nutrition program is to restore healthy eating habits through education and meal planning.

Our Culinary Director, Bradley Turner, is well versed in many specialty diets including gluten free, vegetarian, vegan, and paleo, and works in conjunction with our medical staff to accommodate any medical dietary needs. A graduate of The Culinary Academy of Austin, Bradley has cooked in top kitchens in New Orleans, Washington, DC, and most recently as Executive Chef of the AT&T Hotel & Conference Center in Austin. Also in recovery, Bradley has a true passion for helping others through food and nutritional education.

Each of our residential treatment centers have their own chef to prepare daily meals as well as educate clients through hands-on cooking, a valuable life skill that can be implemented in recovery, post-treatment. Our team of chefs come from a diverse background, which is recipe for some incredible collaborations.

Spearhead Lodge, Phillip Reinhart
Phillip was born in Berlin, Germany and has been professionally cooking for 14 years.  He got his start in the fine-dining scene in downtown Berlin and made the move to the USA in 2016, cooking at Jeffrey’s here in Austin before joining the BRC Family.  Phillip also works with the clients at Spearhead Lodge to teach them valuable life skills by way of cooking and proper nutrition.

Makana Path, Paul Saucedo
Paul, born in Austin, has been a chef in the city for 15 years, most recently at the University of Texas, where he cooked for MBA students at McComb’s School of Business. He has a strong background in the Austin food scene and brings that passion, finesse, and care to our clients at Makana Path. Paul also provides special meals for clients medically detoxing.

BRC Women, Tracy Lewis
Tracy, a Texas native, has worked in the field of substance abuse for a number of years and recently transitioned into the chef role at our women’s facility. She also works with the women at the facility to teach them valuable cooking skills.

BRC Men, Ron Matty
A BRC Recovery Alum, Ron brings years of culinary experience to the team. Having cooked at the Ritz Carlton, Marina Del Rey, CA, and Hillcrest Country Club Beverly Hills, CA, to name a couple, Ron brings his passion and culinary prowess to our Men’s facility. Other than physically cooking, he educates clients on culinary technique, nutrition, meal preparation.

“This team creates a sense of peace and comfort through food to assist with the rehabilitation process. Our kitchens and dining rooms are a space where clients can relax and reflect, while learning and being provided a chef crafted meal. I am extremely proud of the team and the program in place at BRC Recovery.”

-Bradley Turner, Culinary Director

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