A Tradition Among Residents: The Godfather Robe

The Godfather Robe is a tradition that has been passed down through BRC Recovery Men’s communities since March 2010. It is a tradition that was started and maintained by residents. The distinction of “The Godfather” of the community, and its accompanying robe, is given to the resident who has fire for recovery, is a positive example for other residents, and who will embody a leadership role. The Godfather presides over weekly group conscience meetings and is a trusted mentor for new residents. Since its inception, there have been thirty residents who have adorned the Godfather Robe. Current BRC employees Mike Traner, Dale Ogle, Preston Shoppa, Mike Kerr, Shane Renshaw, Ty Labenne, Gavin Valdez, and Chris Burnham are all part of this prestigious lineage.

BRC Godfathers

The Godfather tradition continues to this day… Alumni, post about your memories of the Godfather tradition at BRC.