Our Proven Recovery Approach

The initial 12 months after completing a recovery program is a crucial time for many people. Segue Recovery Support is part of the BRC Recovery family of programs that specializes in providing clients with everything they need to succeed in their first year of recovery. We serve the segment of the population that is especially vulnerable to relapse through high levels of structure and discipline, 12-step immersion and holistic well-being. Since the program’s inception, Segue has markedly increased success rates among participants, as measured by success in sobriety, an improved quality of life and less tendency to return to substance misuse.

The Segue approach is comprehensive and includes case management, recovery coaching, accountability, monitoring and family engagement. Segue is open to anyone who has completed treatment and wants personalized aftercare. We offer a supportive environment that equips our clients for a healthy and fulfilling lifetime of liberty from the burdens of substance misuse. We bridge the gap from treatment to independence.



  • Help with education, healthcare
  • Legal, Occupational issues

Recovery Coaching

  • Peer Recovery support guidance
  • 12 step Mentoring


  • Drug Testing
  • Alcohol Testing
  • Meeting attendance


  • Identifying relapse behaviors
  • Early intervention before Physical relapse

Family Engagement

  • Family coaching
  • Guidance to avoid enabling
  • Rebuilding family trust through verifiable actions

Our Services

Segue Recovery Support is a holistic approach to aftercare that helps clients navigate the challenges of their first year in recovery.

Intervention Services

A professionally coordinated effort to get your loved one the treatment they need.

Sober Transportation

Helping residents travel to and from work, service opportunities and other commitments safely.

Individualized Sober Coaching

A Peer Recovery Support Specialist guides you through your first year of sobriety.

The Segue Program

Long-term aftercare support for residents and families during early recovery.

Family Support Services

Because addiction doesn’t just affect the addict. It affects the entire family.

Recovery Residences

Three levels of supportive sober housing to suit your needs.

Recovery Residences for All Levels of Care

Residents experience a supportive living environment with supervision, structure and guidance as they transition into the next phase of our continuum of care.


High-Accountability Sober Living

An environment with high levels of support, structure and oversight.

Traditional Sober Living

Residents enjoy greater independence and earn privileges through action.

Graduate Style Apartments

Our most independent transitional residence.

Why Choose Segue Recovery Support?

The longer a person engages in treatment, the better chance they have of experiencing lasting sobriety. As an extended aftercare monitoring program, we’re committed to helping each resident achieve and maintain permanent recovery and become the person they want to be.

A healthy balance of structure
and independence

The ability to work or attend school, while
staying engaged in recovery

A community-driven atmosphere that
fosters a culture conducive to recovery

Monitored 12-step meeting attendance, sponsor
engagement and other recovery-related activities

Regular drug and
alcohol testing

A safe next step after high-accountability sober living or
inpatient residential treatment

Contact Us Today

When you join the Segue Recovery Support family, you get an advocate that is dedicated to helping you stay engaged and on track. We’ll help you navigate sobriety with confidence. Contact us 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to learn more about how our aftercare services can support you and your family during the early stages of recovery.