Recovery Services

Interventions at an Austin Recovery Center

If you’re concerned about your loved one’s addiction or mental health, BRC Recovery Austin recommends a professional intervention. A professional intervention that utilizes evidence-based tactics offers the most substantial chance of successfully guiding your loved one into treatment.

Although your loved one’s struggle with substance use or mental health may be crystal clear to you and your family, your loved one may be in denial, refusing to accept the gravity of their circumstances. Maybe you’ve tried to confront them in that past, only to have the conversation take a turn for the worse and leave you feeling even more concerned for their well-being, and your loved one spiraling even deeper into denial and isolation.

BRC Recovery specializes in addiction and substance abuse interventions that meet prospective clients and their families wherever they are in their addiction. Our comprehensive intervention plans are designed to transition a client directly into a detox or Primary Treatment Program.

Trauma Treatment in Austin Recovery

Research proves that trauma is strongly associated with addiction. Often, substance abuse occurs when a person who has undergone a traumatic event strives to cope by drinking or using drugs. Whether you have lived through a life-changing accident or find yourself dealing with chronic stress, it’s imperative to address these events and introduce new, healthy coping mechanisms.

At BRC Recovery Austin, we provide clinically sophisticated trauma treatment at our Austin, Texas facility. Our expert clinicians will help you to work through trauma and its role in your addiction. With the proper care, it is possible to overcome your past to build a brighter future.

Relapse Prevention at BRC Recovery Austin

Relapse doesn’t mean that a person has failed. In fact, it’s not uncommon for people who have pursued treatment to experience a few setbacks in their recovery journey. Some people who have relapsed multiple times may consider themselves to be chronic relapsers. At BRC Recovery, it is our goal to provide resources to these individuals with support, resources, and accountability. In our relapse prevention program, we equip people to cope with triggers, make positive changes, and foster self-discipline.

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12-Step Immersion

At its core, the traditional 12-step program gives participants the tools they need to lead sober lives, but without proper training that teaches participants how to implement those tools into their lives, how can you expect someone to make a full recovery?

BRC Recovery’s 12-Step Immersion Program is a three-month extended-care Primary Treatment Program that lays the groundwork for a successful, lasting recovery. By breaking the 12 steps up over a 90-day period, clients can fully immerse themselves in one step at a time by attending daily meetings and participating in parallel programming, establishing a strong foundation for lasting recovery.

Although the 12-step program is rooted in Christianity, we apply it in a way that all clients can relate to, regardless of his or her spiritual background.

Spiritual Coaching at an Austin TX Recovery Center

Holistic wellness is the root of BRC Recovery’s holistic treatment philosophy. We want our clients to feel happy, healthy and fulfilled in all areas of their lives, which is why our treatment plans focus so heavily on strengthening the mind, body, spirit connection.

Our recovery programs aim to achieve total holistic well-being by improving our client’s spirituality and connection with their “higher power,” regardless of their spiritual background and beliefs. We also incorporate “The Four Agreements” into our recovery programs, which we believe embodies the four most important behavioral and spiritual principles necessary for a genuine, lasting recovery.

Fitness and Yoga

As a holistic addiction treatment center in Austin, TX, physical fitness is fundamental to our recovery programs. At BRC Recovery, we define physical fitness as the body’s ability to function with sufficient energy to engage in everyday activities, handle physical, mental and emotional stress, and participate in your physical recreation of choice.

Successful, lasting recovery requires mental and physical health and a healthy mind-body connection. Our recovery programs seek to strengthen that connection, which is why we make fitness a priority. BRC’s state-of-the-art fitness center, personal trainers and yoga instructors help clients not only improve their level of fitness but build upon the mind-body connection and achieve mental clarity.

Life Skills Program

People who abuse drugs or alcohol, especially from a young age, often miss out on reaching certain milestones that lead to greater independence and adulthood. BRC Recovery’s Life Skills Program seeks to equip clients with the skills necessary to navigate life and successfully reintegrate into their communities after treatment. Our Life Skills Program includes training in:

  • Goal setting and accountability
  • Financial responsibility
  • Physical health and wellness
  • Interpersonal communication and healthy relationships
  • Community service projects

Aftercare Programs in Austin Recovery

BRC Recovery Austin offers a tried and true aftercare monitoring program that has dramatically increased success rates among our clients. We measure this success by maintaining sobriety as well as a healthy and fulfilling quality of life. Our Austin recovery center is open to anyone who has completed treatment and is looking for an individualized aftercare program.

What Is Aftercare?

At its core, aftercare is a plan to help support someone in early recovery or right after treatment. Aftercare programs can help people prevent relapse while they work toward their life goals. Aftercare programs can include resources, interventions, and activities all based around helping the recovering person work through stress, triggers, and cravings related to their previous substance use. 

Austin, TX recovery centers include an aftercare program within their continuum of care. At BRC Recovery Austin, we cater the program directly to each individual’s specific needs. For instance, some aftercare plans may involve:

  • Austin recovery alumni program
  • Extended sober living programs
  • 12-step, or other similar meetings
  • Finding a sponsor or other members of a sober support system
  • Attending group and individual counseling sessions

An aftercare plan is essential as most of the people that relapse after treatment, report having the most trouble while transitioning out of treatment. Aftercare programs work to create a smooth transition between treatment and life outside of treatment. Studies show that between 40% and 60% of people recovering from alcohol or drug use issues relapse within the first few months after rehabilitation. 

Aftercare Monitoring Program at BRC Recovery Austin

BRC Recovery uses a combined holistic and traditional approach when it comes to mental health and addiction treatment. Each client within the program is assigned their own peer support specialist that helps them navigate through their first year of sobriety.

This holistic approach to aftercare is called Segue Recovery Support. The main five tenets of Segue Recovery Support are monitoring, case management, recovery coaching, accountability, and family engagement.

  1. Monitoring is essential when it comes to preventing relapse. Monitoring typically refers to 12-step meeting attendance and alcohol and drug testing.
  2. Case Management helps our clients get situated back into life after treatment. Case management can include assistance with anything from education and healthcare, to occupational or legal issues. 
  3. Recovery Coaching is a mentoring program that includes 12-step mentoring and peer recovery guidance and support. 
  4. Accountability is a skill generally learned while in treatment. But after our clients complete rehabilitation programs, we understand the transition back into “real life” is difficult. Helping clients further develop with accountability skills can help them identify behaviors related to a potential relapse.
  5. Family Engagement is important for many reasons. Many families of people struggling with substance issues are unaware of enabling or codependent behaviors. Family coaching helps each family member understand their loved one’s addiction, while learning how to stop enabling codependent behavior. Lastly, family engagement can help our clients rebuild any damaged relationships from the time of substance use. 
If you or someone you love is struggling with substance use, we want to help.

Clinical Support and Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Participation in evidence-based therapeutic modalities is essential to recovery. Our clinical support services help clients address the underlying emotional issues and mental health disorders that lead to and/or are exacerbated by addiction.

When combined with more holistic recovery practices, clinical programming provides even more insight into ourselves, increases self-awareness and instills the tools that help clients manage emotions and overcome triggers. Our clinical support services include:

  • Individual and group therapy
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT)
  • Eye movement desensitization and reprocessing (EMDR)
  • Motivational interviewing (MI)
  • Family counseling
  • Psychiatric evaluation
  • Medication management

Real Recovery Begins at BRC Recovery Austin

The only way to overcome addiction is through a treatment program. Addiction is an extremely powerful brain disease and is almost impossible to deal with alone. We take pride in our catered and individualized services we provide at our Austin, TX recovery center. There is no time to wait when it comes to addiction. 

Even if you or your loved one has previously participated in an addiction treatment program for drugs or alcohol, coming to BRC is a life-changing – even life-saving – experience.

We know that recovery is possible because we have hundreds of alumni who are living happy, healthy, productive sober lives because of BRC Recovery. If you or someone you love is struggling with substance use, we want to help. Contact a BRC Recovery Specialist today.