At BRC Recovery in Austin, Texas, we strive to make the seemingly overwhelming process of addiction recovery both effective and fulfilling. We understand the misconceptions surrounding recovery and aim to promote an environment of acceptance, healing, and growth. Our team has developed an admission process that caters to the unique characteristics of each individual that steps in our door. 

We offer an extensive range of programs and services designed to help you or your loved one achieve and maintain sobriety. Your initial assessment will help our specialists determine the appropriate level of care that will give you the best opportunity for long-term recovery. The different levels of our continuum of care include:

We specialize in treating chronic relapsers and individuals who have previously been unsuccessful in treatment. Our admissions team can assist you and your family in arranging a time and date for admission, coordinated by appointment only.

Pre-Admission Assessment

BRC Recovery offers a pre-admission phone call for anyone considering treatment with us. To develop a treatment plan that effectively meets an individual’s needs, a BRC Recovery Admissions Specialist will perform a clinical assessment and ask the prospective client or their loved one questions about:

  • The prospective client’s history and length of substance use
  • Family history, including substance use and physical and psychological health
  • History of treatment
  • Current medications
  • Insurance information

You are welcome to ask questions and share your concerns about our programs, philosophy, facilities, and staff during this time. We understand that deciding to begin treatment is often an emotional time full of uncertainty, and our Recovery Admissions Specialists serve as valuable resources.

BRC Recovery Admission Criteria

  • You must be medically stable.
  • We cannot accept clients with active eating disorders.
  • You must agree to comply with the Resident Code of Conduct.
  • You must have a desire to change and a willingness to commit to a 90-day program.
  • You must be chemically dependent. We are a recovery center for adult men and women who have chemical dependency problems.
  • You must understand the following behaviors will result in dismissal: drug and/or alcohol use; inappropriate rage or anger; and repeated and/or serious violations of the Resident Code of Conduct.

BRC Recovery Admissions: What to Bring

After your admission, you will receive a catalog detailing exactly what to bring to our facility. In short, it is recommended to bring:

    • Any approved prescription medication in its original bottle. Liquid medication must be unopened and sealed. 
    • Necessary clothing, including shoes, boots, undergarments, socks, shorts, pants, shirts (long- and short-sleeved), a hat, a sweatshirt or jacket, and eyeglasses.
    • Insurance card and government-issued identification (driver’s license, passport)
    • Unopened over-the-counter medications
    • Toiletries


  • Necessary cosmetics
  • Approved hobby materials (books, journals, etc.)
  • Nicotine patches

BRC Recovery Admissions: What NOT to Bring

  • Drugs and alcohol
  • Prohibited prescriptions 
  • Weapons (guns, knives, scissors, etc.)
  • Pornography
  • Food and drinks
  • Products that contain alcohol (mouthwash, perfume)
  • Electronic cigarettes
  • Nail polish or nail polish remover
  • Video games
  • Sporting equipment
  • Aerosols
  • Revealing clothing
  • Candles and incense
  • Cleaning supplies

Upon arrival, you will check in and begin your journey to recovery. Our experienced staff will inspect your bags and ensure no prohibited items are brought in. This is to keep our facility as safe as possible.

Recovery is possible, and it starts with a phone call. Learn more about our programs by contacting a member of our admissions team at 1-866-461-1759 or email

Verify Your Insurance Benefits

BRC Recovery’s monthly fee covers room and board, including all food and laundry needs; access to all recreational and outdoor activities; and group outings, meetings, and conferences. We work with most major insurance companies, and many plans offer coverage for addiction treatment. Speak with a Recovery Admissions Specialist at 1-844-879-3357 for more information about financing and to verify your insurance benefits.

Frequently Asked Questions

Understandably, most people have various questions regarding treatment and the process of recovery. Our staff at BRC Recovery is happy to answer any specific questions or concerns you may have. Additionally, our website offers an FAQ section that may answer your basic questions or concerns. Please feel free to give us a call to speak with one of our helpful staff members.